Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trapped (1982)

Director: William Fruet
Code Red DVD

Here's an amusing bit of hickslpoitation starring Henry Silva as a blood thirsty hillbilly in charge of a small community in the hills of Tennessee that don't take to kindly to strangers. Especially outsiders that sex up their woman-folk. After Silva tars and feathers a chubby Romeo he found on top of his wife, he and his posse chase him into the woods and kill 'em. Unfortunately for all involved, the murder is witnessed by four smarty-pants college kids out for a weekend hike. Their leader (Cronenberg regular Nicholas Campbell) had just stated in a previous scene that he cannot see any circumstance under which he would commit murder. So you can pretty much guess where the next sixty minutes is going as we find out exactly what it would take to turn this liberal, book readin', pussy into a man. Turns out all it takes is some creepy backwoods hicks with rape on their mind. You'd think Deliverance would taught these kids a lesson, go figure. Director Fruet knows his way around the genre and delivers the goods without being overly exploitative. It's probably smarter and more serious than a picture like this desrves to be. It's well shot by another Cronenberg collaborator, Mark Irwin. Code Red's print looks fine but the sound is a bit muddy. Trailers round out the only extras.


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