Sunday, January 24, 2010

Halloween II (2009)

Dir: Rob Zombie
Sony DVD

Zombie tries to do something a little different with this sequel, than he did in the initial remake, by introducing stylish dream sequences. In fact the film turns into a parade of endless dream-like internal monologues that seem to be shared psychotic visions between the killer Myers and his sister and focus of his obsession, Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton). These sequences show up far too often and look like a 1998 music video. When that's not going on, the film looks like every other slasher film these days. It's under lit, grimy, and brutal. Too bad there was no time during it's 2 hours (!) to insert some scenes where we learn anything about the characters to make us feel bad about the victims, but just like it's predecessor, it's focused on showing us what Myers is going through. It also introduces a fact not mentioned in part one, that Myers is obsessed with white horses. Your guess is as good as mine. As near as I can figure it's just a reason to visually quote (read: steal) shots from Twin Peaks. Another visual inspiration seems to be The Shining and with several verbal and visual references to classic horror films, we know Zombie has at least heard of a good movie, but what did he get out of them? The movie springs to life for a few moments when Malcolm McDowell's Dr. Loomis turns up on a talk show and Weird Al Yankovic steals the movie. This was the only moment during my viewing where I believe I gave the intended response by laughing unlike the rest of the time where I laughed due to embarrassment.


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