Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hollywood Boulevard (1976)

Dir: Allan Arkush & Joe Dante
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An interesting double feature with the aforementioned Myra Breckenridge and a comparative masterpiece as well. While the other disaster is a "satire" of classic Hollywood, this is an ultimately unsatisfying spoof on the low budget pictures being produced by Roger Corman in the seventies. Several props, clips and actors (Dick Miller, Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov)from other productions show up to help string together a story about a fresh off the bus actress (Candice Rialson) that wants to make it in pictures. She first gets conned into robbing a bank, which leads to work as a stunt woman, and ultimately a b-movie actress. This culminates into a murder mystery where actresses are being killed with no apparent motive. It's certainly more coherent and fun than Myra Breckenridge, but some of the best gags are sabotaged by the directors needs to drag them out to pad running time or in the worst example, they repeat gags as is the case with an extended rape sequence that happens twice and is not as funny nor as insightful as they hoped it would be.
The DVD is out of print and is certainly worth picking up for fans. It has commentary by the directors and a live performance by Captain Cody and His Lost Space Airmen.


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