Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fritz the Cat (1972)

Director: Ralph Bakshi
MGM DVD (Avant-Garde Cinema Collection)

A big deal has been made about this being an x-rated animated film, but once you get past what could be considered a gimmick, you have to ask, is it good? The simple answer for me is, not really. I found it such a cynical take on the counter culture movement of the late sixties/early seventies that it was just depressing, not scathing or humorous. This is set in the middle of long sequences where cartoon animals have sex and do drugs and where pigs are actually the cops (in your face funny!). I get it, this ain't your Disney cartoon. Unfortunately it doesn't have much to offer as the narrative is disjointed, the message seems confused, and the whole ordeal is hopelessly dated. There are some interesting nuggets of truth sprinkled throughout, it just needed consistency. I think the story behind the film would have been more interesting, but alas, MGM gives no special features to a release that many people feel had some real impact on animated films.


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