Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Blood Beast Terror (1968)

Dir: Vernon Sewell
Netflix streaming

Supposedly Cushing said this was his least favorite film that he had ever made and right off the bat I have a hard time coming up with one to challenge that. Not to say this is terrible because any film Cushing is in is immediately made better. He plays it straight in the face of one of the cheapest and campiest monsters ever committed to film, it's just a person in tights, a rubber moth mask, and big fake wings. The story is about a police inspector (Cushing) that is investigating the deaths of several college age young men that all occur near the home of a local wildlife expert. It's filled with red herrings and feels like it drags quite a bit in the second half, but it's nowhere near the painful experience that Sewell's Burke & Hare is.
The Netflix on demand version looked fine and was most likely taken from the Image DVD. They did retain an anamorphic 1.66:1 aspect ratio for the streaming exhibition which was a nice touch.


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