Sunday, March 21, 2010

Short Night of Glass Dolls (1971)

Dir: Aldo Lado
Anchor Bay DVD OOP

Lado shows some impressive use of composition with his directorial debut. The story starts promising but ends up being a little sleepy. It starts with a corpse being wheeled in to the morgue, but we can hear the internal voice of the dead man narrating the action. He doesn't appear to be dead in his mind and throughout the movie , non one can understand why the body hasn't began to get cold. We see the man's story told in flashback sequences, he is an American Journalist in Europe who is investigating some secret society. His female companion disappears and this leads him deeper into the mystery. Since he starts the film as a stiff we kind if know where the film is headed, but it's a mostly interesting ride there. This is part of the now out of print "Giallo Collection" on Anchor Bay, but it doesn't feel like the average giallo in plot or style.


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