Monday, March 22, 2010

Moon (2009)

Dir: Duncan Jones
Sony Classics Blu-ray

I knew just enough going into this one to be surprised by the intricate plotting. The need to knows are that Sam Rockwell plays a man, named Sam, that works alone on the dark side of the moon mining Helium3 for energy consumption on Earth. He has a three year contract that is about to come to an end. His mind starts to play tricks on him, and that's all I will say. Jones' feature film debut is a confident, restrained work of intelligent sci-fi that is worth multiple viewings. It would be hard to buy anyone else in the main role besides Rockwell who pulls off the the nuances of his character with ease. The film looks outstanding, from the production design to the cinematography. It is also worth mentioning the score as one of the better ones I have heard in recent memory. So really I have nothing to do but gush over this one.
The Blu-ray looks impeccable, as you'd expect, and it includes two commentaries and Jones' short film, Whistle.


PS - Matt Berry has a small role!!

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  1. Hey Brandon,

    Great sum-up! Holly and I just this as well and really enjoyed it. Definitely more than a bit influenced by Kubrick's 2001, but the "twist" and what results from it really gave this one its own flavor. Yes, I noticed the Matt Berry cameo as well (also great as the boss from The IT Crowd).