Friday, March 12, 2010

Dead Snow (2009)

Dir: Tommy Wirkola
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There are plenty of zombie movies coming out these days, but only one with NAZI ZOMBIES! (maybe there are more, who knows, but how many from Norway?). Wirkola doesn't try to reinvent the wheel here but does succeed in making a fun splatter pic where some college age friends head to a cabin in the snow and awake a horde of undead Nazis that want back their dirty Nazi treasure. Once the action kicks in, you can expect some pretty clever death sequences and it's always nice to see people work with practical effects (although some of the gore looked like it was computer generated). It just would have been nice to see any effort at all put into the characters, one is (of course) a movie geek, but we don't get much more info than that. This will certainly appeal to gore fiends and I had more fun watching this than Zombieland.


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