Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fearless Frank (1967)

Dir: Philip Kaufman
MGM HD Channel

Jon Voight stars as the title character, in his feature film debut, in this oddity about a hillbilly that is killed by gangster and then brought back to life by a mad doctor. The doctor also imbues him with Superman-esque abilities so he may fight crime. The film is told in a comic strip style with a narrator and over-the-top villains with names like "The Rat" and "Screwnose". It starts off interestingly enough even though it's playing to a rather broad sense of humor, but too soon do the trappings of it's non-exsistent budget prove to be detrimental. It's hard to buy super-heroics with the same two camera tricks over and over again. The story is thin and the characters become grating pretty quickly. This would have worked as a student film, but too have to sit through 90 minutes is tedious. I am glad to have caught this on the MGM channel as I don't believe it is available on any other resources currently. This probably isn't one Voight would like to remember but I would like to hear Kaufman's thoughts on the film.


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