Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extract (2009)

Dir: Mike Judge
Miramax Blu-ray

I have to assume the intent of this film was to be a comedy. Unfortunately this story of a guy (Jason Bateman) that runs his own flavor extract company, is utterly depressing. While Judge created something in Office Space that most working people could identify with, he does the exact opposite here. He's made his protagonist wealthy and successful whose biggest problems are a wife (Kristen Wiig) that's not "in the mood" enough and an annoying neighbor. These things are enough to get Bateman to take drugs from his burnout buddy (Ben Affleck) which sets off a chain of preposterous events (including Clifton Collins Jr losing a testicle, see it is a comedy!) that threaten to ruin his already unhappy existence, but don't worry, I think the ending was supposed to be considered a happy one. Mila Kunis shows up as a con woman, J. K. Simmons plays Bateman's grumpy partner, and Judge himself makes an obligatory cameo towards the end of the film in a role that looks like most probably ended up on the cutting room floor.


P.S. - Worst, one-sheet, ever!

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