Thursday, March 18, 2010

Satan's School For Girls (1973)

Dir: David Lowell Rich
Cheezy Flicks DVD

This is about what you'd expect for a made for TV movie produced by Aaron Spelling and with a salacious title it couldn't live up to. It's about Pamela Franklin's Elizabeth whose sister seemingly kills herself. Elizabeth doesn't believe it so she goes undercover at the art school where her sis was attending. There she meets Kate Jackson and the other girls that the title is probably referring to as well as a jerk teacher and a smooth talking "cool" teacher, guess who the bad guy is? Exactly. Not only is he the bad guy, turns out it's Satan. Yep, Satan has hit on some hard times and now teaches art. The movie is light on terror, and Satan for that matter, and while I wouldn't call it bad it is 100% forgettable.
The print isn't very good, there is some damage, but you won't really care.


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