Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Silent Scream (1980)

Director: Denny Harris
Scorpion Entertainment DVD

With a cast that included Barbara Steele, Yvonne De Carlo, Cameron Mitchell, and Avery Schreiber I was excited to see this. Unfortunately, they're all supporting players in this mediocre, slow-moving thriller about four college kids that rent rooms at an old house by the beach and it turns out there's a killer on the loose. The cast is led by the amiable Rebecca Balding but the storytelling is sluggish and nothing new. The killer is revealed with a third of the film left to go, so no real mystery or tension is ever created. And, as I mentioned, Barbara Steele is in it, but has a non-speaking role. You do know that she is cuh-ray-zee though because she opens her eyes very wide and tilts her head. Looking Denny Harris up on IMDB revealed that he has no film credits besides co-writing and directing this at the age of 50. The story behind that would be more interesting than the film. I am always curious in one time only directors.

The good news for fans on the film (and there are more than I would expect) is that the print and transfer look excellent. It's just too bad the movie wan't more interesting.


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