Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Criss Cross (1949)

Director: Robert Siodmak
Universal DVD

Here's a well made noir from the director of The Killers (1946). The story concerns itself with an armored car robbery planned by Burt Lancaster. The interesting twist here is that he doesn't plan on being a crook, he just blurts out the idea when Dan Duryea catches Burt with his wife, Yvonne De Carlo. Since Lancaster works for the armored car company, the plan seems believable but forces good ol' Burt into a life of crime to keep the story up. Duryea is always good as a sociopath and Lancaster is good as the hero despite the embarrassing zoot suit he's wearing. The film drags a bit in the middle, but the robbery is excellently staged amidst a flurry of gas bombs and the ending is as downbeat as it gets.


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  1. I definitely agree with you in both sentiment and rating, but here's my question: do you think that this is more or less interesting a movie than Soderbergh's UNDERNEATH?

    And if you think I'm trying to influence your movie-watching...well, that's where you're right.