Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rogue (2007)

Director: Greg Mclean
Dimension Extreme DVD

Rogue is a modern day creature feature about a giant crocodile that attacks a boat full of tourists on a remote river in Australia. It does two very important things right. It plays it straight, avoiding comedy at all costs, and it takes great care in not showing too much of the killer croc that's wreaking havoc. Unfortunately though, it does very little to work outside of the well known formula of it's sub-genre. Radha Mitchell plays the boat's driver and guide, Michael Vartan is the city slicker, magazine travel writer that's out of his element, and budding action super-star Sam Worthington plays the local redneck that Mitchell has apparently spurned. Then there are a handful of other victims you know very little about, but all serve their purpose in establishing the story. A major problem that arises from the familiarity of the narrative, is that it fails to provide even basic scares as you feel like you know everything that's about to happen. It's a solid effort, but for a scary movie it plays it pretty safe.


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