Thursday, December 24, 2009

Burke & Hare (1972)

Director: Vernon Sewell
Redemption DVD

If you're interested in the real Burke & Hare or a fan of the other films based on their grave-robbing exploits(Flesh & The Fiends, Doctor & The Devils, The Body Snatcher), then avoid this like swine flu. I should have known what to expect once the film started and a peppy theme song (lyrics and all) kicked in. What followed was amateurishly staged dreck that's more sex romp than horror film. There are several asides at a brothel with shots of random wackiness, like a man being ridden like a horse set to jaunty piano music! How crazy is that? Derren Nesbitt tries his best to create a character (he's one of the title characters but I've already forgotten which one) amidst this uninspired snore fest. Some of the walk on actors look like they're reading cue cards just off camera. It hits all the major plot points and combines details of the other versions, which are all better, making this an exercise in pointlessness. Unless you're a Yutte Stensgaard completest.

The print is barely passable. It's fuzzy and dark with several jump cuts. Fail.


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