Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dead Air (2009)

Dead Air
Director : Corbin Bernsen (that Corbin Bernsen!)
The Movie Channel HD

Caught this on cable and felt like I should have full disclosure on the crap I view. This doesn't necessarily fall under the crap-ola category but it's nothing to revisit. This starts as a cash-in on the run of zombie/infected mad-cow-esque human/cannibal movies of late with most of the running time taking place in a radio station's recording studio. Some angry terrorists release a chemical at sporting events turning a bunch of lunkheads into the running dead. Bill Moseley plays a popular nighttime "shock jock" who sits at his mic collecting and relaying news to his audience while his partner runs the streets on his motorcycle looking for info and Moseley's family. There are occasional cuts to gore to keep our attention and then one of the terrorists sneak into the studio to steer the film into socio-political territory as he forces the DJ to rant about Muslims. Even though it's done competently enough and Moseley's performance is right on as a radio personality, the premise and the limited sets ultimately leads to a really long 85 minutes. You have to give some sort of credit to any horror film that even tries to have a message though.

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  1. I loved Bernsen's work (alongside that delightful Shelley Long) in 'Frozen Assets.' And, of course, in 'L.A. Law' and (most importantly) 'Major League 2: Electric Boogaloo.' If his directorial efforts are of the same caliber, cinema aesthetes have reason to rejoice!