Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zombieland (2009)

Dir: Ruben Fleischer
Sony DVD

I imagine that the script for this movie started with a single gag. It happens at about the one hour mark and only takes a few minutes from set-up to punchline. Everyone loved this gag so much that they tried to write a movie around it. What followed was an endless string of meaningless jokes that really have nothing to do with the matter at hand, zombies. In Zombieland (and in case you forget the title it's said aloud about 27 times) zombies are really inconsequential. The disaster here really could have been anything. It would appear the film was made by people who had been told about zombie films without actually having sat through one. Many a lazy reviewer compared this to Shaun of the Dead, to imply that this was America's answer to that film. Where Shaun... succeeds as an homage to the genre with many visual and verbal references that come across with real reverence, this movie fails miserably. It does nothing to play with the trappings of the genre. And to take this on it's own merits it fails as well. While it makes no bones (sort of speak) about being a comedy, I found every joke and every attempt at humor to be utterly corny and lifeless. This movie is the antithesis of the the phrase comic timing. The four characters we're introduced to are merely caricatures, it's a world where men are sentimental cry babies and women are connivers or "bitches" as they're refereed to in the script on more than one occasion. It's a movie where slo-mo is a substitute for style. If this is life after the zombie holocaust, I would rather be food.


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