Monday, February 1, 2010

Pandorum (2009)

Dir: Christian Alvert
Anchor Bay DVD

In the beginning, there was much to like about Pandorum. It opens with Ben Foster (everything he does looks like he's going to pop vessels, and I appreciate that anger) waking up in a sleep chamber aboard a space ship. He's alone and can't figure out where everyone else is. His memory is very slowly coming back to him and only in pieces. The n Dennis Quaid gets out of the chamber next to him and he is also having memory problems. The film slowly unfolds as the two try to figure out what there mission was and where they are. Pretty cool so far. They figure out that they were transporting 16,000 people to a new planet that can sustain life because Earth is a goner. As Foster explores the ship, he discovers that it has been taken over by mutated cannibal types that wear bone armor. Here endeth the cool part. If the film could have stayed with the eeriness of the empty ship as these two try and figure out what's going on then I think we could have had the makings of a sci-fi classic. At this point the movie deteriorates into an action/horror film that does deliver on jumps but loses the freshness and originality of the first act. There are still plenty of twists that I won't give away and it's worth a watch if it's the type of thing your into.


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